RentbeFriend.com cost the affordable price for the clients who are willing to hire a friend for them. They are open to negotiating their prices or even raise their fees depending on the events or activities you are planning to imply with them.
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We always welcome your feedback about our services and activities. Whatever your opinions are we appreciate it and try to overcome the mistakes and work hard to make our user happy. You can even put in suggestions to improve our website.
A friend is the one who is open to spend time or go out to an event with you to spend some quality time and give you a company. (Their charges are affordable and easy to hire) You can visit our site to learn more about us. To become a valued member of RentbeFriend.com, you have to pay the fee. We have different subscription plans for a member and friends. Both plans give you an access to the friends on the website, but they differ in price, time duration, and other facilities.
No, for both friends and members on the website, no background check is done. Our operations follow the guideline given beneath: The virtual world has its own rule to follow as safety standards. When you meet someone on online platforms then for safety purpose it’s good to take some precautions and follow some safe habits if meeting a stranger.
  1. Meet in a public or social place; avoid meeting a stranger at a private place or remote location. Meeting at a public place make feel secure and both of can feel comfortable.
  2. Talk on a phone call and then fix if you feel everything is going alright on a call.
  3. For security purpose, inform your family or friend where you are going. If meeting stranger then informs them with a meeting place, time, and approx return time. It’s good to take someone with you or call someone in between the meeting. Make that person that your family/Friends know where you are.
  4. If you find a situation out of control or your instinct is not answering you then get out of that situation as soon as possible. In every scenario check that either you are comfortable or not.
  5. Before meeting ask the person for a photo so, you can analyze and think before a meeting.
  6. Don’t hesitate to say “No”, if something bothers you, make it clear at that point only.
  7. It’s not a dating site where you are allowed to be physical. Your comfort is mandatory because you are going to spend a whole day with that person.
  8. When you meet someone, for the first time doesn’t get drunk it might turn dangerous for you. Keep your senses on for every coming scenario.
  9. Keep your valuable belongings always with you and don’t trust anyone you are meeting for the first time.
RentbeFriend.com is available Worldwide! To join signup on the platform, you wish to be a part of either Member or Friend.
Ones you join our companionship you will come to know about every minute detail and other activities of Member and Friends.