Senior Friend

"My husband’s company recently relocated, so we had to move 4 hours away from where we were living. My mother is in a Senior Citizen home and she didn't want to move. She is very comfortable where she is living and we decided to let her stay. The problem was we were not able to visit her every day being 4 hours a way. I was speaking with one of the nurses at her living center and explained my concerns that I was not able to be there for her every day and the nurse told me about RentBeFriend.com. I was a little skeptable at first, but decided to give it a try. I found a young women in her 20’s that I’ve hired to visit my mother twice a week. She talks about current events, plays board games, and is just a young face to keep her mind active. I get to see my mother on the weekends, but its nice to know that there is someone to visit her during the week. "

Shelia F. Massachusetts